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Celebrating our professions As May marks International Day of the Midwife and International Nurses Day, it is timely to celebrate members of both professions

is not only about midwives being defend- ers. It is also an opportunity to highlight the right for a midwife to practise in a safe and enabling environment. We have heard of horrific incidences in Mexico and Nigeria where midwives have been kidnapped and killed on their way to work. These are just the cases that have captured the attention of global media. More common in many workplaces is the abuse and bullying of midwives by colleagues and the abuse of those who stand up against such behaviour. There are many more stories of abuse that go unheard and unaddressed. Midwives should be free from harm going to work, at work and in their homes. We want to thank and celebrate you, the midwives who have continued to fight, protect and defend women, girls and midwives’ rights, no matter the circumstance and consequence.” Further information can be found in the IDM advocacy pack, downloadable from International Nurses Day – May 12

International Day of the Midwife – May 5 I n c e l e b r a t i n g t h e International Day of the Midwife (IDM) on May 5, the International Confederation of Midwives

(ICM) is highlighting the many ways in which midwives defend, protect and stand up for the rights of women and girls. Its theme for this year’s event, ‘Midwives: Defenders of Women’s Rights’, reflects this intention and champions the second of the Confederation’s three strategic directions up to 2020: quality, equity and leadership. Women’s rights are under fire globally. Despite attempts by world governments to dismantle the rights and dignity of women and girls, there is so much to cel- ebrate on May 5, including: • The midwives who stand up for the rights of women to receive respectful maternity care • The midwives who offer contraception despite their government’s refusal to allow women access to it • The midwives who support pregnant women suffering from domestic abuse • The midwives who say no to performing female genital mutilation. Nearly 350,000 women and over three million infants around the world die every year due to preventable complications arising from pregnancy and childbirth. The World Health Organization (WHO) has identified midwives as the key to reduc- ing the incidence of such complications, and the ICM is encouraging everyone in the healthcare professions to recognise the role that midwives play in reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity, and to motivate policymakers to implement ade- quate midwifery resources worldwide. ICM president Franka Cadée said: “IDM

ICN presidentAnnette Kennedywith DrTedros AdhanomGhebreyesus, WHO Director-General , launching the toolkit for International Nurses Day

studies that highlight the important role nurses play in ensuring that everybody has proper, unfettered access to the care they need. Speaking in Geneva at a meeting with WHO director general Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, ICN president Annette Ken- nedy said: “Nurses all over the world every day are advocating for health for all in the most challenging circumstances with lim- ited resources to deliver healthcare to those most in need. ICN believes that the time is ripe for nurses to assert their leadership. As the largest health profession across the world, working in all areas where health- care is provided, nursing has vast potential and value if appropriately harnessed to finally achieve the vision of health for all.” Dr Ghebreyesus said: “Nurses and mid- wives are the backbone of every health system. They account for more than half of the global health workforce and are vital for realising the vision of universal health coverage. But to achieve UHC and the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the world will need nine million more nurses and midwives. WHO is proud to support ICN and the Nursing Now cam- paign to ensure we fill this critical gap.” The ICN International Nurses Day resources can be accessed on the IND website: And to all our nurse members a Happy International Day of the Nurse onMay 12

Ahead of International Nurses Day, the Inter- national Council of Nu r s e s ( I CN ) h a s released a resource and evidence toolkit enti- tled: Nurses: A Voice to Lead Health for All .

Nurses worldwide will mark Interna- tional Nurses Day (IND) on May 12 and this year’s celebration provides three important messages for nurses and policymakers: • Nurses save lives and improve, protect and promote health and wellbeing • Nurses are an access point to 24/7, birth to death, emergency and ongoing care • Nurses are the foundation of high qual- ity, affordable and accessible care. The toolkit contains a number of case

The INMOwishes all our midwife members a Happy International Day of the Midwife onMay 5

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