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Bulletin Board With INMO director of industrial relations Tony Fitzpatrick

Reply The Public Service Superannuation (Age of Retirement) Bill was signed into law on December 26, 2018. This Bill allows for relevant public servants who reach the age of 65 on or after December 26, 2018 to continue working up until the age of 70 if they so choose. The compulsory age of 65 has been abolished. Any public servant covered by this legislation will continue to be a member of the relevant pension scheme and any addi- tional years’ service from 65 to 70 are reckonable for pension purposes, subject to the statutory maximum of 40 years’ service. Query frommember I will be 65 in May and, as per my contract, this is the age at which I will retire. I entered the public service before April 2004. Do I have to retire at 65 or have I an option to stay on?

Reply As a result of pay anomalies with a small number of employ- ees following implementation of Circular 10/2017, the HSE and the unions reached agreement under the auspices of the WRC. All candidate ANP/AMPs undergoing the candidature process on or after May 1, 2017 will be paid the CNM3 rate with effect from that date. The terms will be no less favour- able than those recruited under Circular 10/2017, which relates specifically to candidate ANPs/AMPs. The provisions of the Circular 10/71 (which governs promotional posts in general) will apply, with normal progression. Hence, candi- date ANP/AMPs should be paid at CNM3 level. Query frommember My employer advised that the salary scale for appointment as candidate advanced nurse practitioner in the public health service is paid at the grade of CNM2. I spoke to a colleague and she advised that the salary for this appointment is CNM3. Can you advise if this is correct?

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